Joomla Featured for Web Development

Joomla is one of the most famous free and open source projects in the web development industry. It is high in demand and is being used to manage, organize, and build content for blogs, mobile applications, and websites. Here, some of the most important Joomla features are being cited. Let us take a look.

Multilingual– The highly secured CMS Joomla Developers is the most popular open-source in the world, which is offered in approximately 66 languages. It makes it easy for website developers from various backgrounds and nationalities to get their projects and businesses online.

Easy Updates – If you get any software that gets loaded with an easy updating feature then means it is great since it is one of the biggest challenges to keep the software up to date and away from security problems. The great thing is that Joomla comes along with the One-Click Version Update feature that means Joomla Developers do not have the need to confront any problems while updating the software. Actually, it comes with an automatic checker that informs you if anything needs to be updated.No need to put too much effort.

Integrated Help System – It is loaded with an inbuilt and contextual help system in order to serve help at every step. Most pages come along with the help button in the top right, which helps you to understand all options belonging to that page.

Media Manager – It is a tool responsible for easily uploading and managing media files while doing Joomla development. The media manager has been integrated into the Article Editor, which plays a major role to access images and other kinds of media files directly at the time of editing.

Banner Management – Banner has always been considered important to advertise your web portal. With the help of Joomla’s Banner Management feature, it becomes easy to monetize your site as well. This tool is responsible for creating campaigns to impress the customers, which makes Joomla development an efficient tool to scale any business or personal endeavor.

Contact Management – This tool is one of the most liked features of Joomla. It allows you to add categories, several contacts, basic contact information with miscellaneous information, and so on. It is very easy to set up a contact form for each content you create or upload. It can be easily accessed by people.

Content Management – It comes with some excellent and amazing features to manage your content. It is loaded with the inbuilt WYSIWYG editor tool, which allows you to edit content even if you do not have knowledge of code WYSIWYG basically means What You See is What You Get. This method makes content management and publishing easy for non-technical people as well.

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